Salto Department

Salto department (see map) resides in the northern part of Uruguay, along the upper portion of the Uruguay River. It borders the Rivera and Tacuerembó departments to the east; Paysandú department to the south; Uruguay River to the east; and Artigas department to the north.

The capital of Salto department is the city of Salto, and the department is divided into 6 municipalities.

Municipalities: Belén - Colonia Lavalleja - Mataojo - Rincón de Valentín - San Antonio - Villa Constitución.


Google Map - Termas de Arapey


Google Map - Salto

San Nicanor

Google Map - San Nicanor

Termas de Daymán

Google Map - Termas de Daymán

Termas de Salto Grande

Google Map - Termas de Salto Grande