Rocha Department

Rocha department (see map) resides in the southeast part of Uruguay, where it borders Brazil to the northeast; Atlantic Ocean to the west/southwest; Maldonado and Lavalleja departments to the west; and Treinta y Tres department to the north.

The capital of Rocha department is the city of Rocha, and the department is divided into 4 municipalities.

Municipalities: Castillos - Chuy - La Paloma - Lascano.

Aguas Dulces

Google Map - Aguas Dulces

Barra de Valizas

Google Map - Barra de Valizas

Cabo Polonio



Google Map - Chuy

La Coronilla

Google Map - La Coronilla

La Paloma

La Paloma

Google Map - La Paloma

La Pedrera

Google Map - La Pedrera

Laguna Merín
Punta del Diablo

Google Map - Punta del Diablo


Google Map - Rocha