Ayacucho Region

The Ayacucho region (see map) is situated in the southwestern part of Peru, not far from the coast. It borders the Cusco and Apurimac regions to the east; Arequipa region to the south; Ica and Huancavelica regions to the west; and Junín region to the north.

The capital of Ayacucho is the city of Ayacucho, and the region is divided into 11 provinces. Click on the text links below for accommodations in each province. For those provinces with multiple destinations, click on the icons () to view them.

Provinces: Cangallo - Huamanga () - Huanca Sancos - Huanta - La Mar - Lucanas - Parinacochas - Paucar del Sara Sara - Sucre - Víctor Fajardo - Vilcas Huamán.



Google Map - Ayacucho

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