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Veraguas Province Accommodations

Covering an area that touches both the Atlantic to Pacific oceans, Veraguas (see map) shares a border with the Colon and Cocle provinces to the east; Herrera and Los Santos provinces to the southeast; Pacific Ocean to the south; Chiriqui province to the southwest; Comarca Ngöbe–Bugle to the west; and Caribbean Sea to the north. The Veraguas province is the only province that shares a border with five different provinces.

The capital of Veraguas is Santiago, and the province is comprised of twelve districts. We have hotels listed for the following four districts:

Mariato (includes): Palo Seco, Playa Malena, Playa Morrillo, Playa Reina, Torio

Santa Fé (includes): Santa Fé

Santiago (includes): Santiago

Soná (includes): Santa Catalina, Soná

Mariato District

Palo Seco

Google Map - Palo Seco

Playa Malena

Google Map - Playa Malena

Playa Morrillo

Google Map - Playa Morrillo

Playa Reina

Google Map - Playa Reina


Google Map - Torio

Santa Fe District

Santa Fé

Google Map - Santa Fé

Santiago District


Google Map - Santiago

Sona District

Santa Catalina

Google Map - Santa Catalina


Google Map - Soná