Veraguas Province

Covering an area that touches both the Atlantic to Pacific oceans, Veraguas (see map) shares a border with the Colon and Cocle provinces to the east; Herrera and Los Santos provinces to the southeast; Pacific Ocean to the south; Chiriqui province to the southwest; Comarca Ngöbe–Bugle to the west; and Caribbean Sea to the north. The Veraguas province is the only province that shares a border with five different provinces.

The capital of Veraguas is Santiago, and the province is comprised of 12 districts. Click on the text links below for accommodations in each district. For those districts with multiple destinations, click on the icons () to view them.

Districts: Atalaya - Calobre - Cañazas - La Mesa - Las Palmas - Mariato () - Montijo - Río de Jesús - San Francisco - Santa Fé () - Santiago () - Soná ().

Mariato District


Google Map - Mariato

Santa Fé District

Santa Fé

Google Map - Santa Fé

Santiago District


Soná District

Santa Catalina

Google Map - Santa Catalina