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Colon Province Accommodations

The province of Colon (see map) resides along Panama’s Atlantic coast, and is divided into two distinct sections as a result of the Panama Canal. Colón shares a border with Comarca Guna Yala (San Blas) to the east; Panama province to the south/southeast; Cocle Province to the southwest; Veraguas province to the west; and Caribbean Sea to the north.

The province's capital is the city of Colon, and the province is divided into five districts. We have hotels listed for the following three districts:

Colon (includes): Colon, Gamboa

Portobelo (includes): Cacique, Portobelo, Puerto Lindo, Isla Grande, Maria Chiquita

Santa Isabel (includes): Nombre de Dios

Colon District


Google Map - Colon


Google Map - Gamboa

Portobelo District



Google Map - Portobelo

Puerto Lindo

Google Map - Puerto Lindo

Isla Grande

Google Map - Isla Grande

Maria Chiquita

Google Map - Maria Chiquita

Santa Isabel District

Nombre de Dios

Google Map - Nombre de Dios