Chiriqui Province

The province of Chiriqui (see map) resides along Panama’s Pacific coast and shares a border with Comarca Ngöbe–Buglé to the east/northeast; Veraguas province to the east/southeast; Gulf of Chiriqui to the south; Costa Rica to the west; and Bocas del Toro province to the north. Like Bocas del Toro, Chiriqui is comprised of a mainland section, in addition to several islands just off the coast.

The capital of Chiriqui province is David, and the province is comprised of 13 districts. Click on the text links below for accommodations in each district. For those districts with multiple destinations, click on the icons () to view them.

Districts: Alanje - Barú - Boquerón - Boquete () - Bugaba () - David () - Dolega - Gualaca - Remedios - Renacimiento - San Félix () - San Lorenzo () - Tolé.

Boquete District


Google Map - Boquete


Bugaba District


Google Map - Bambito

Cerro Punta

Google Map - Cerro Punta


Google Map - Cerro Punta

David District


Google Map - David

Valle Las Minas

San Felix District

Playa Las Lajas

Google Map - Playa Las Lajas

San Lorenzo District

Boca Chica

Google Map - Boca Chica

Isla Boca Brava

Google Map - Isla Boca Brava

Isla Cavada

Google Map - Isla Cavada

Isla La Eseñada