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Chiriqui Province Accommodations

The province of Chiriqui (see map) resides along Panama’s Pacific coast and shares a border with Comarca Ngöbe–Buglé to the east/northeast; Veraguas province to the east/southeast; Gulf of Chiriqui to the south; Costa Rica to the west; and Bocas del Toro province to the north. Like Bocas del Toro, Chiriqui is comprised of a mainland section, in addition to several islands just off the coast.

The capital of Chiriqui province is David, and the province is comprised of 13 districts.

Boquete District


Google Map - Boquete


Bugaba District

Cerro Punta

Google Map - Cerro Punta


Google Map - Volcán

David District


Google Map - David

Valle Las Minas

San Felix District

Playa Las Lajas

Google Map - Playa Las Lajas

San Lorenzo District

Boca Chica

Google Map - Boca Chica

Isla Boca Brava

Google Map - Isla Boca Brava

Isla Cavada

Google Map - Isla Cavada

Isla Palenque

Google Map - Isla Palenque