Los Ríos Province

Los Ríos province (see map) resides in the western part of Ecuador, bordering Cotopaxi and Bolívar provinces to the east; Guayas province to the south/southwest; Manabí province to the west; and Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas province to the north.

The capital of Los Ríos province is Babahoyo, and the province is divided into 13 regions (cantons). Click on the text links below for accommodations in each region.

Regions: Baba - Babahoyo - Buena Fé - Mocache - Montalvo - Palenque - Pueblo Viejo - Quevedo - Quinsaloma - Urdaneta - Valencia - Ventanas - Vinces.

Babahoyo Region


Google Map - Babahoyo

Quevedo Region


Google Map - Quevedo

Vinces REgion


Google Map - Vinces