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Cahuita National Park

Google Map - Cahuita National Park

Created in 1970, Cahuita National Park encompasses 4.25 sq. miles (1,102 ha) of land and 90 sq. miles (23,900 ha) of sea, and includes the thin stretch of land and sea that resides between Cahuita and the Carbon River. A well maintained, four mile trail connects Cahuita with the Puerto Vargas Ranger Station, the latter of which can also be accessed from the main road just south of Cahuita. Between Cahuita and Puerto Vargas, the coastline extends outward into the Caribbean Sea, forming what is known as Cahuita Point.

The most frequently visited section of the park is that portion closest to Cahuita, between Río Kelly Creek and Río Suares, which measures just .9 miles (1,5 km) in length. The more intrepid can continue an additional 1.5 miles (2.3 km), until it reaches Cahuita Point. The trail section that connects Cahuita Point and Puerto Vargas, which measures 1.3 miles (2.1 km), is the least frequented portion of the park, So, the entire trail, from one end to the other measures approximately 3.6 miles (5.9 km). The trail is virtually flat, hugging the coastline for all but a few small sections that never take you too far off the beach. And aside from the two, small rivers mentioned above, the trail is also very dry so heavy hiking shoes are not required.

The wildlife along this short trail can be surprisingly prolific, with large numbers of white-faced (capuchin) monkeys almost always present. You’ll probably see more of them in Cahuita National Park than anywhere else in Costa Rica, there are that many of them. Sloths, Morpho butterflies, white-nosed coati and howler monkeys can also be observed, along with numerous different species of aquatic birds, i.e. herons.

Known for its white sandy beaches, tranquil clear seas and coral reefs, Cahuita National Park is ideally suited for those looking for a place to lay back and relax, and enjoy nature.

The Park is open 7 days a week, between 7am - 5pm.

Getting to Cahuita National Park

Bus - direct buses from San Jose to Cahuita depart throughout the day from the “Terminal Gran Caribe” (also knows as “Caribeños”, which is located just north of the city. Or, you can take a direct bus to Limon, which also leaves from the same terminal, and then take a local bus to Cahuita.

Google Map - Gran Caribe TerminalGoogle Map - Limon Bus Terminal

Car - From San Jose, your trip to Cahuita is fairly direct. Take the Braulio Carrillo highway north of the city towards the Atlantic coast city of Limon. Upon arriving Limon, make a right at the first major intersection, and then follow the signs for Cahuita and Puerto Viejo. The road that connects Limón and Cahuita is approximately 42 km(26 miles) and takes around 50 minutes. The main road entering Cahuita is accompanied by a large sign reading "Cahuita & Parque National" on the left side. From this intersection it is only 1 km (.6 miles) to the town of Cahuita

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