Maps of Costa Rica

We've added the following Google Maps to help you get around Costa Rica.

The first map is that of the country in its entirety, the remaining maps are catagorized by province: Alajuela - Cartago - Guanacaste - Heredia - Limón - Puntarenas - San José.

Country Map




Aside for the Guanacaste province map, all of the destinations below reside along the beach or just off it, and are listed from north to south.

The following destinations reside further inland, with some located on the Nicoya Peninsula and others nearer to Lake Arenal.



Aside for Hone Creek, which resides a bit inland, all of the destinations below reside along the beach, and are listed in order from north to south.


The province of Puntarenas is separated into two parts. All of the destinations below reside on the part that lies just below the Guanacaste province on the Nicoya peninsula. They are all situated along the beach.

All of the destinations below reside on the other part of Puntarenas province, which hugs the west coast until it reaches the Panamanian border.

Inland Areas - northern part of Puntarenas province

Inland Areas - southern part of Puntarenas province

San José

Bus Terminals
Museums & Theaters
Downtown San José
East of downtown San José
North of downtown San José
West of downtown San José
  • Pavas- located west of the city and Sabana Park
  • Rohrmoser- located west/northwest of the city, just west of Sabana Park and Sabana Norte
  • Sabana Norte - the area just north of Sabana Park
  • Sabana Sur- the area just south of Sabana Park
  • Santa Ana- located west of Escazú

The following communities all surround the popular area known as Escazú, which resides west/southwest of downtown San Jose.

San Isidro de General

These areas are near to San Isidro de General, which is located south/southeast of San Jose and not far from Dominical.