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Limon Province

The province of Limon (see map) resides along the Atlantic coast, bordering Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. To the northwest, it shares a border with the Heredia province; to the west with the Cartago Province; and to the southwest with the San Jose and Puntarenas provinces.

The capital of Limon is the city of Limon, and the province is divided into 6 regions (cantons). Click on the text links below for accommodations in each region.

Regions: Pococí  - Guácimo - Siquirres - Matina - Limón  - Talamanca.

We have listed the sections in order from north to south, but have no hotels listed for the Matina section.


Barra del Colorado

Google Map - Barra del Colorado


Google Map - Parismina


Google Map - Tortuguero



Google Map - Guácimo




Google Map - Limón

Playa Westfalia


The Talamanca section includes all the beaches south of Limón, beginning with Playa Cahuita. The community of Bri Bri can also be found here, as is the border town of Sixaola.

Playa Cahuita

Google Map - Playa Cahuita

Hone Creek

Google Map - Hone Creek

Playa Negra

Google Map - Playa Negra

Puerto Viejo

Google Map - Puerto Viejo

Punta Cocles

Google Map - Punta Cocles

Playa Chiquita

Google Map - Playa Chiquita

Punta Uva

Google Map - Punta Uva

Playa Grande

Google Map - Playa Grande


Google Map - Manzanillo

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