Rio de Janeiro

The state of Rio de Janeiro (see map) resides in the southern part of Brazil, where it shares a border with the state of Espíritu Santo to the north; Atlantic Ocean to the east; state of São Paulo to the south; and the state of Minas Gerias to the west/northwest.

The state of Rio de Janeiro is divided into 91 municipalities, and its capital is the city of Rio de Janeiro. The following places to stay are all located within the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, and near to the Olympic stadiums.

The districts include: Botafogo, Catete, Centro, Cosme Velho, Estácio, Flamengo, Galeáo, Glória, Jardim Botánico, Lapa, Laranjeiras, Praça da Bandeira, Santa Teresa, Sáo Cristóvão, Saúde, Tijuca, Urca and Villa Isabel.

Rio de Janeiro


Google Map - Botafogo


Google Map - Catete


Google Map - Centro

Cosme Velho

Google Map - Cosme Velho


Google Map - Estácio


Google Map - Flamengo

Galeáo - near Tom Jobim International Airport

Google Map - Galeáo


Google Map - Glória

Jardim Botánico (Botanical Gardens) - north of Gávea and west of Lake Rodrigo de Freitas.

Google Map - Botanical Gardens


Google Map - Lapa


Google Map - Laranjeiras

Praça da Bandeira

Google Map - Praça da Bandeira

Santa Teresa

Google Map - Santa Teresa

São Cristóvão

Google Map - São Cristóvão


Google Map - Saúde


Google Map - Tijuca


Google Map - Urca

Villa Isabel

Google Map - Villa Isabel

The places to stay listed below are for those districts that reside south of the city center, but remain part of the metropolitan area - they reside, more or less, along or near the coast. We begin with the district of Leme, which is located at the northernmost part of Copacabana, Rio's most famous beach. The districts are listed in geographical order, meaning they're listed in the order you'll find them as you travel south/southwest away from the city center. The Olympic Aquatic Stadium, which resides in Jacarepaguá, is somewhat distant from the other two stadiums.

The districts include: Leme, Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Gávea, Vidigal, Rocinha, São Conrado, Joá, Barra da Tijuca, Jacarepaguá, Recreio dos Bandeirantes and Vargem Grande.

Leme - the westernmost part of Copacabana

Google Map - Leme


Google Map - Copacabana

Ipanema - southwest of Copacabana, just on the other side of Copacabana Fort.

Google Map - Ipanema

Leblon - just west of Ipanema

Google Map - Leblon

Gávea - just north of Leblon & Vidigal

Google Map - Gávea

Vidigal - resides just south of Gavea, along the beach

Google Map - Vidigal

Rocinha - just north/northwest of Vidigal

Google Map - Rocinha

São Conrado

Google Map - São Conrado


Google Map - Joá

Barra da Tijuca - the Olympic Aquatic Stadium resides in this district

Google Map - Barra da Tijuca

Jacarepaguá - near Olympic Aquatics Stadium and just north of Jacarepaguá Lagoon

Google Map - Jacarepaguá

Recreio dos Bandeirantes

Google Map - Recreio dos Bandeirantes

Vargem Grande - north of Recreio dos Bandeirantes

Google Map - Vargem Grande