Potosí Department

The Potosí department (see map) resides along the southernmost part of Bolivia, where it shares a border with the Chuquisaca and Tarija departments to the east; Argentina to the south; Chile to the west; Oruro department to the west/northwest; and the Cochabamba department to the north.

The capital of Potosí is the city of Potosí, and the department is divided into 16 provinces. Click on the text links below for accommodations in each region. For those regions with multiple destinations, click on the icons () to view them.

Provinces: Alonso de Ibáñez - Antonio Quijarro () - Bernardino Bilbao - Charcas - Chayanta - Cornelio Saavedra - Daniel Campos () - Enrique Baldivieso - José María Linares - Modesto Omiste () - Nor Chichas - North (Nor) Lípez () - Rafael Bustillo - South (Sur) Chichas () - Sud Lípez - Tomás Frias ().

Antonio Quijarro Province


Google Map - Colchani

Daniel Campos Province

Uyuni Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuní)

Google Map - Uyuni Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuní)

Modesto Omiste Province


Google Map - Villazón

North (Nor) Lípez Province

Villa Mar

Google Map - Villa Mar

South (Sur) Chichas Province


Google Map - Tupiza

Tomás Frias Province


Google Map - Potosi

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