Cayo District

Cayo district (see map) resides along the country's western edge, where it shares a border with Guatemala. Cayo district borders Orange Walk district to the north; Belize district to the east/northeast; Stann Creek district to the east/southeast; and Toledo district to the south. The capital of Cayo district is San Ignacio.

Within Cayo district you'll find the following destinations: Belmopan, Bullet Tree Falls, El Progreso Village, Gallon Jug Estate, San Antonio, San Ignacio, Teakettle Village and Western Highway.


Google Map - Belmopan

Bullet Tree Falls
El Progreso Village
Gallon Jug Estate
San Antonio

Google Map - San Antonio

San Ignacio

Google Map - San Ignacio

Teakettle Village

Google Map - Teakettle Village

Western Highway

Google Map - Western Highway